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Design and quality made in Northern Germany

PAUL HEWITT means passion for every detail. We love our products and therefore have them produced in precise steps under strict quality requirements. From the drawing sketch to quality assurance, each of our products is conceived and designed in-house. At PAUL HEWITT, the subject of "quality" is of particular importance. A total of 175 work steps are required to produce a PAUL HEWITT leather watch strap. These are handmade in Germany using the traditional Schweizer Vollumbugg method (Art Manuel). We proudly issue our "24-month guarantee" on all PAUL HEWITT products. Should a problem arise with one of our products, we will take care of it personally and always find a satisfactory solution for the benefit of our customers.


diamond Watch glass

With our first-class sapphire crystal, which is also called the "king of watch glasses", you decide to buy your PAUL HEWITT watch for a "scratch-free watch life". In contrast to the simple mineral glass, our sapphire glass is characterized by its high degree of hardness, which protects it against unattractive scratches on the surface of the watch glass.

For surface cleaning we recommend the use of a soft cloth. Abrasions can be easily removed with an eraser, for example.


cogwheel Clockwork

As a daily companion, the reliability of our watches is particularly important to us. Therefore, all PAUL HEWITT watches are equipped with high-quality quartz drives from RONDA®, MIYOTA, SEIKO and EPSON and guarantee impressive precision to the second.


drop Waterproofness

All our watches feature a water resistance of 5 bar (5 ATM). This means that they are optimally protected against external influences such as rain or hand washing during daily use. However, we expressly advise against wearing our watches when bathing or swimming.


stack Casing and IP coating

The finest stainless steel forms the ideal basis for the equally high-quality IP coating of our watch cases in rose gold and gold. IP (ion plating) is a process in which a higher quality metal layer is applied to another metal and thus refined. The housing therefore promises not only an elegant finish, but also a high load capacity.


watch Watch straps

PAUL HEWITT watches impress with their versatility, which is no different with our watch straps. Whether made of metal or leather - all our watch straps stand for the highest manufacturing quality, wearing comfort and nestle comfortably against the wrist of the wearer.


leather Leather watch straps

A total of 175 steps are necessary to manufacture a PAUL HEWITT leather watch strap. These are handmade in Germany according to the traditional Swiss full-bow method (Art Manuel). The elaborate, handcrafted process combines the five layers of different materials to ensure maximum quality and longevity. Last but not least, we only use first-class Italian leather for our production, which has been vegetable-tanned and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly and, above all, anti-allergic.


mesh Mesh watch straps

Oldenburg is not Milan, but our stainless steel watch straps are. They are manufactured in a filigree "Milanaise weave" whose name goes back to its place of origin "Milan". Fine metal wires are joined in a precise production process to form a robust metal braid and promise cool, first-class wearing comfort.


metall Metal watch straps

Varied in design, striking in appearance. Our robust metal watch straps give your PAUL HEWITT watch a particularly exciting look. The solidly processed yet elegant steel design enjoys all the quality features of the high-quality PAUL HEWITT IP coating and is distinguished by its precise manufacture and durability.


Armband Bracelets

All PAUL HEWITT bracelets are made according to the same principle - design, material, quality. This means: Inspired by the maritime lifestyle, produced from selected materials and perfectly shaped down to the last detail. From the classic PHREPS to our signums.


Armband PHREPS

The PHREPS from PAUL HEWITT have always symbolized our claim to quality and value. Only selected materials are used in the production of the anchor bracelets in order to guarantee a long service life and pleasant wearing comfort. The fine, ultra-thin nylon threads are processed by experienced employees through a nautical cord to a very firm band quality, which is unique on the market. The braided leather fibre fabric of the leather variants is also particularly robust due to its processing properties and homogeneous structure and is also produced in an environmentally friendly way. The highlight of all PHREPS is the anchor, which is initially made of stainless steel and is subsequently provided with our high-quality PAUL HEWITT IP coating in the colours rose gold, gold and black. The range also includes a pure brass version in an authentic "used look".


Schmuck Jewellery

Our range of jewellery deserves special attention in its manufacture. The sometimes very filigree pieces are made of fine stainless steel, polished and then IP-coated. A multi-stage production process with careful quality control guarantees that you will enjoy our products for a long time to come.


Pflegetipps General care tips

Although we use only top-quality materials in the production of all our products, we have put together a few helpful tips to help you extend the life of your PAUL HEWITT products even further: Always remove your products before showering, hand washing, bathing and swimming. Also avoid contact with hairsprays, perfumes and cosmetics. Do not wear your products when sunbathing, exercising or sleeping to avoid contact with sweat and possible shock or scratch damage. Clean your products regularly e.g. with a microfibre cloth or lukewarm water and a little detergent / soap (please dry carefully afterwards!) to avoid deposits that could attack the surfaces in the long term. If you are not wearing the products, store them in an airtight jewellery box protected from sunlight.


Pflegetipps Rosé Care tips for rose gold products

Our rose gold watches and accessories are ion-plated in line with the top production standards on the market. The use of copper in the material (responsible for the gleaming rose gold!) means that rose gold coloured watches and accessories have a tendency to oxidise and change colour slightly, despite best efforts to look after them whilst being worn. This is completely normal and is not a production fault. But don’t worry – our products will still of course retain a rose-gold character after being worn for a while.This change process is predominantly affected by the way you wear the watch and by your skin type. If you take off your rose gold coloured watches and accessories while doing sport, washing your hands or showering and do not expose them to damaging substances such as sweat, cleaning agents, oils or perfumes, this colour-change process can be slowed down significantly and you can enjoy more time with your rose gold products.


Pflegetipps Silber Care tips for silver jewellery products

Do not panic if your silver jewellery becomes tarnished over time – this is completely normal and is not a manufacturing fault! The copper contained in the silver alloy reacts with oxygen and humidity, which leads to the formation of a grey-black silver sulphide, also known as ‘silver tarnish’. The degree to which the jewellery becomes tarnished also depends on how you wear and care for your product and your skin type. Of course there are a few quick and easy methods for preventing tarnishing and possible discolourations to silver jewellery. It is best to clean your silver jewellery using a silver or gold-cleaning cloth. Stir plenty of salt into some warm water and pour the liquid into a plastic container lined with tinfoil. The jewellery pieces must be placed inside in such a way that they touch the foil. After a few minutes you can remove your jewellery, then rinse it under running water and dry with a soft towel.