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Anchor Bracelet Phrep Silver Nylon Grey

SKU: PH001353 / PH-PH-N-S-GR-XL


Our maritime bracelets, so-called Phreps, are available in up to seven different sizes. Our bracelets are fastened with an anchor.

We have redesigned our iconic Phreps under the motto “getanchored to the ocean”. To underline the maritime look, we use a special weave with a rope look that gives the anchor bracelets a sporty touch. The women bracelet in the colour grey/white becomes a special highlight thanks to the waxed rigging thread. The typical PAUL HEWITT anchor in rose gold does not only serve as a clasp – it also stands for an attitude towards life. For freedom and our connection to the sea.

Material clasp: Stainless steel
Material bracelet: Nylon
Colour bracelet: Grey
Colour clasp: Silver
Size: Seven sizes selectable
Please note: For a long life span please keep away from water
Which size is suitable for me?
Note: Article is slightly smaller, make sure you measure your wrist and check the size chart before placing your order.
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Anchor Bracelet Phrep Silver Nylon Grey

Anchor Bracelet Phrep Silver Nylon Grey



Find your size

Our bracelets are small by design.
If you're unsure of the correct sizing after measuring your wrist you should go with the larger size.

Size Circumference of your wrist
XS 14 - 15 cm
S 15 - 16 cm
M 16 - 17 cm
L 17- 18 cm
XL 18 - 19 cm
XXL 19 - 20 cm
XXXL 20 - 21 cm