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Bracelet Phinity Rose Gold Leather Mint

SKU: PH001662 / PH-FSH-L-R-M-M


Reach for infinity! The Phinity bracelets combine nautical symbolism with a modern twist: The rose gold shackle made of the finest stainless steel serves as a timeless symbol of cohesion and willpower – and it’s all embedded in a mint, sophisticated bracelet. Sporty and elegant. Made for eternity.

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Note: Article is slightly smaller, make sure you measure your wrist and check the size chart before placing your order.
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We do not currently have this model in inventory. It will take 4 to 6 weeks to send it to you. Thank you for your understanding.
Bracelet Phinity Rose Gold Leather Mint

Bracelet Phinity Rose Gold Leather Mint



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Our bracelets are small by design.
If you're unsure of the correct sizing after measuring your wrist you should go with the larger size.

Women Men Circumference of your wrist
XS 14 - 15 cm
S 15 - 16 cm
M 16 - 17 cm
L M 17- 18 cm
L 18 - 19 cm
XL 19 - 20 cm
XXL 20 - 21 cm